I, with my two team members, designed and developed this game.

Launching a satellite for some major players in the space sector is a routine activity. Besides, small satellite evolution has helped many countries to take the bold vision to launch its satellite into space. However, the lack of adequate infrastructure and the non-availability of space education is still adversely affecting these countries’ ongoing space program. Also, due to specialized impediments, cost, and education, reaching into and exploring space is still a big challenge for countries that are new and developing their technology. Then again, due to a lack of expertise and financial capabilities, the non-space fairing countries are not capable of producing excellent hands-on educational material to educate their students in space science. Even today, space education is available to those directly involved in space programs. Though learning quality skills cannot be replicated on an online platform, studying fundamental concepts, such as orbital mechanics or parts of the spacecraft, does not necessarily need to be confined to the classroom. Equally, essential concepts readily available on the internet may be hard to understand during self-study sessions. In such a situation, a little experience from a virtual world can be a big help to grasp the concept altogether. Based on the experience from designing the first satellite of Bangladesh named “BRAC Onnesha,” a virtual reality (VR) based game has been developed to deliver satellite-making expertise to engineers, educators, and enthusiastic people. This game aims to uncover facts and insight into the satellite design and design process, gain new knowledge and understanding about satellite technology, and alleviate the epistemic gap between the practice and academia. This platform will also help to build the space capacity of non-space fairing countries, particularly new space player countries, and will involve more countries in understanding space exploration.

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